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Morning Songby Edward Hoyer, 1998


Woke up this morning in a sweat

Drug my soul from bed, cold and wet

To the kitchen to look for some bread

not even a crumb

had black coffee and a cigarette instead


Took a sip, then took a drag

Got dizzy and tossed that fag

Crawled back into an empty bed

Body cold, sheets wet

Without you, another lonely day I dread.


Heard a sound so I jumped up again

The alarm went off at half past ten

Back to the kitchen, still no bread

Empty inside

My stomach hurts, my spinning head


Oh Lord, how many mornings?

Oh Lord, how many days?

Oh Lord, my nights are endless

Oh Lord, your name in vain.


Went to the shower, turned on the tap

no hot water. I can believe that.

Cold water rushing over me; I freeze

Grabbed a towel to dry my head

Slipped on the tiles and I fell to my knees


Go to the closet, put something on

socks donít match, my belt is gone

shirt, pants, shoes - nothing is clean

I am in a rush, no time to waste

Canít find my keys, the same routine


Rush to the bus stop. Fight the crowd

Bus goes by, I scream out loud

Look for the time the next one stops

Wouldnít you know its at half past twelve

My stomach empty, my heart drops


...so I scream

Oh Lord, how many heartaches?

Oh Lord, how many tears?

Oh Lord, our lives are empty

Oh Lord, to idols pray.


Oh Lord, how many mornings?

Oh Lord, how many days?

Oh Lord, my nights are endless

Oh Lord, bring a new day.


The Shepherd, the Sheep, the Oxen, the Lion, the Donkey and the Cobra.

A short story by Edward R. Hoyer C. 2002


There once was a shepherd, who dwelled in the length of all the land; his flock was large and good. There was also a donkey, an ox, a lion and a cobra.

The Lion grew hungry and began to kill the sheep to feed himself.So, the shepherd asked the donkey to carry him on his back throughout the length of the land so he could better look after his sheep. The donkey did this for him without complaint, but the land was so vast and flat and the lion would hunt in the places were the shepherd would not be, that the donkey got tired and could not carry the shepherd anymore.


Realizing this, the shepherd asked the ox to carve a deep gorge in the land to divide the sheep from the lion. The ox worked hard at this task and did what was asked of him. A large plateau was created and divided from the rest of the land to the north, south, east and west, by a deep abyss and the hungry lion was indeed separated from the sheep.


The shepherd looked after his flock and it grew and multiplied so much that it began to trample on the cobra that lived on the ground.One night, the sheep stepped once too often on the cobra, and in itís anger the cobra stood erect and defended itself by making a loud hiss. The frightened sheep took flight, running in panic towards the precipice in all directions and they fell into the abyss that separated them from the lion and perished.In an attempt to save his sheep, the Shepherd also perished, for his flock was so numerous and disoriented that they carried him swiftly to his death. The lion on the other side, blinded by hunger and driven mad by the smell of fresh blood, also jumped into the abyss and also perished for it was deep.


So troubled was the ox by this sight that he decided to cover the flesh in the abyss with earth and the land was restored. It grew tired and died by the end. Only the cobra and the donkey were left to dwell in the land. The cobra went down again onto the ground that was now empty and hissed no more. And the donkey, that had not moved, was the only one standing on the land.

Now that is what I call a smart jackass!