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Edward Robin was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, SA. in 1964 of Danish and Colombian-Flemish parents. He moved to Ontario, Canada in 1981 where he continued his studies in Classical Theatre at Humber College, Musical Theatre at Sheridan College and Landscape Architecture at Ryerson Institute, He returned to Colombia to continue his studies in General Arts at Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla. There, in the city of his birth, he became a private student under the tutoring of renowned Colombian painter, Mrs. Nora A Avendaņo de Lenon and received his Diploma: Maestria en Artes Plasticas.  In 1990 he moved to the West Coast.  Baja California, Mexico, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. became his working corridor where he spent six years focusing on the figure and movement of marine mammals, especially the whale. It was there where he developed the fluid style apparent in much of his painting.


He returned to Ontario in 1996 where he currently resides as an active member of the local artistic community.  He is a member of The Oakville Art Council, The Burlington Art Centre, Burlington Art in Action, The Mississauga Art Council and The Casa Cultural Colombiana.  He is currently Artistic Director of The Latin American Cultural Centre of Canada.


Artist Statement:


My art reflects a continuing dedication to faith and love towards others in this life of constant evolution. Perpetual development in my painting skill and spiritual realization provide me the necessary tools to create fresh and innovative art that communicates form, color, texture, light and brilliance.  My goal is to integrate, through communication, cooperation and collaboration, my art and the Latin American talent into the mainstream of Canadian arts and to establish a solid foundation that will enrich the multicultural wealth of Canada.



Contact:  E-mail:   edward@edwardhoyer.com             Web:  edwardhoyer.com     Phone:  (905) 315-8275